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On the right path to a healthy Sewage treatment plant

Friday, 13 July 2018

Here at R A Dalton we pride ourselves on our background, staying true to our roots we are a thriving family business and are extremely lucky that amongst our many experienced staff members our Managing Director, Alistair Dalton, is very ‘Hands on’ in his contribution to all elements of the business including installations, servicing and problem solving.

Alistair has always been at the forefront of the company, building it from the ground up to the company we have today; with each year we see the company expanding with new staff bringing new eyes and knowledge to the table. We now operate with 4 Contracts managers, 5 installation teams, 7 servicing engineers and 13 office staff all working to provide the best possible service to our customers.

For one site in Northumberland Alistair was requested to attend to provide a report and quotation as the property owner was concerned that their current system was not complying with the new legislation that will come into effect as of 2020. There was also concern that the plant may become an environmental hazard in the winter months due to its close proximity to the watercourse.

The solution was to install a new package sewage treatment plant away from the beck and towards the property ensuring it was sufficiently located away from the beck but not too close to the property either.
The proposed tank was a Klargester Biotec 1, 1 metre invert package sewage treatment system, this was to be installed in a closer proximity to the property, and from here there are two alternative routes for the outlet both of which ultimately meant discharging into the nearby watercourse.

As with all of the Klargester treatment plants the Biotec has undergone stringent testing over the course of a number of weeks to assess the efficiency of the system and to ensure that they are capable of reaching and exceeding the required limitations. Its certification and accreditation allows the Biotec 1 to discharge to a watercourse without a permit providing it is not in a SSSI.

The Biotec itself benefits from low running and maintenance costs, the only day to day cost is the energy consumption required to power the blower. There is also then a requirement for regular servicing and desludging as per the manufacturers recommendations, this will vary dependant on the size of the plant; for example the Biotec 1 only requires annual servicing with the desludging being carried out as and when required which can easily by recommended by a competent servicing engineer.

When we had received confirmation that the customer was happy to proceed with the works and agreed to the plant choice we began to schedule in the works. Our lead time at present is approximately 8-10 weeks from confirmation of order however this is not entirely set is stone and as will the nature of the works the jobs we have booked in could be finished within half the estimated time or easily double (e.g. if hard rock/ loose ground is encountered) so we do ask for a certain degree of flexibility.

Once the job was booked in with the customer our team of experienced installation engineers attended site to carry out the works and to install the new tank in the grassed area towards the garden boundary. Thankfully space was not an issue for this property which permitted easy access for both the plant and the material deliveries which in turned allowed the job to run smoothly and quickly without a hitch.

Once the new system was securely installed in the ground our installation team then passed the ball across to our servicing engineers who were required to make the final connection and to commission the system ensuring it was fully operational.

Once the installation is complete this need not be the end of the road, for most sites we can provide ongoing assistance to ensure you remain fully functional and within compliance. For Sewage treatment plants and Pump station we can offer a servicing ‘contract’ and for the majority of Septic tanks (providing access to the property is fine with a 6 or 8 wheeler wagon) we can arrange the desludging.

This is a simplistic procedure by the fact that we add you onto our servicing database, this does NOT require you to sign any form of contract, meaning if any point you wish to use another provider, you are free to do so and we can remove you from the schedule. Being part of our servicing database offers you call out priority over non-service customers. Our pricing structure for servicing also allows us to be cheaper than many of our competitors as we do not include parts in our servicing costs; this will in the long run work out to be much more cost effective as paying a bulk sum over a number of years will easily pay off more than the most expensive part that would need replacing.

If you are interested in any element of off mains sewage treatment, whether it be a new tank or regular servicing why not give us a call on 01388 537030 and we will see how we can help.

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Feedback From Satisfied Customers

  • I have recently had a new sewage system installed at one of my sites which wasn't a straight forward job due to it being located in a private field, we had to make sure the owner, as well as our residents were happy with the proposals. Ian Murray met me on site on 2 occasions, with the owner of the field ans was very professional and explained exactly what would be happening, putting the field owners mind at rest. The job went to plan with no unexpected costs and minimal disruption to the field. Very happy customer!
    Cheryl Cessford - Kingston Property Services
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