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Why choose R A Dalton?

Thursday, 06 December 2018

When you are looking for a contractor to carry out a job for you what is it that you look for?


As one of the country’s leading accredited Klargester/Kingspan and Premier Tech Aqua/ Conder installers we offer the best possible rates whilst still supplying top of the range products. We may not always be the cheapest price but we certainly won’t be the most expensive!

Unlike some of our competitors we ensure we use the no-fuss approach, making sure you have no unnecessary expenses and striving towards the long term solution not just what works here and now.


We only ever use the best available on the market and analyse each detail on site to determine the best possible solution whether it be a new Sewage treatment plant, septic tank, pump station or separator. We can even look if connection to mains drains may be a viable solution to yourselves.

Our product choices are purely to ensure you get the best possible efficiency both economical and practical and for as long as physically possible – although the cheaper tanks may seem like a great idea in the moment they may end up costing you a considerable amount more in the long run.


With over 25 years in the waste water industry, we work daily with Sewage treatment plants, Septic Tanks, Pump Stations etc. All of our engineers pride themselves on their ever growing wealth of experience and knowledge in each new situation.

Our experience is not only based out on the road, in the office we have staff members on hand to help with many of your enquiries whether it be to do with specifications on tanks or questions in regards to industry regulations and expectations - should more technical knowledge be required we can certainly get one of our contracts managers to give you a call.


The more notice we getfor your installation generally means the more likely you are to get the installation date you would prefer, however if you are looking for an installation ASAP our usual lead time is between 8-12 weeks (this does tend to vary slightly throughout the year) however in the case of an emergency installation we always try our best to get your new tank installed on a shorter turnaround.


No matter what scope of works we carry out feedback is always requested and appreciated, we use this to constantly improve our ways of operation, you only need to see the reviews on our website to see the level of service we aim to provide.

The majority of our new customers are recommended to us by friends, family, work colleagues or even other business that are willing to put their own reputation on the line by recommending us to carry out the works you require.

Professionalism/ End Product?

From start to finish we take pride in every stage of our works, from handling the initial enquiry through the quotation phase and through each stage of the installation process, finalising in the servicing aftercare.

We are with you every step of the way.

The jobs we are asked to do are evident of our aptitude in the industry, covering the whole country and under different scopes of work. Recently we were asked to install a new package sewage treatment plant for a developing caravan park in Darlington. Within our remit we were asked to provide a programme of works suitable for the predicted flow rate of peak season along with a long range cost efficiency.

The tank we chose to install on this occasion as we felt it was one of the most practical solutions was a RBC unit. This was the result of multiple site visits and investigations including surveys being carried out to determine the best location and outfall for the treatment plant.

After the site had undergone a full evaluation we were able to suitably site the tank so that the foul drainage could flow by gravity to the vessel and once the treatment process had taken place the treated effluent would be able to flow straight to the watercourse without a need for any pumps on site. Another reason for choosing the RBC unit wat that it was pertinent that any noise produced by the system was kept to a minimum as to not disrupt the tranquil quality of the site.

The installation went without hitch and within a week the new tank was installed and now ready for the rest of the development to be put in place, we will be back in the New Year once all of the caravans are in place and electrical supply ready to allow for the new tank to be commissioned.

All in all just another thing for this site to check off their list in the full progression of works.

No matter how big or small of a job we are always here to help, why not give our office a call on 01388 537030 and we will pass your enquiry onto one of our contracts managers who will be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

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Feedback From Satisfied Customers

  • I have recently had a new sewage system installed at one of my sites which wasn't a straight forward job due to it being located in a private field, we had to make sure the owner, as well as our residents were happy with the proposals. Ian Murray met me on site on 2 occasions, with the owner of the field ans was very professional and explained exactly what would be happening, putting the field owners mind at rest. The job went to plan with no unexpected costs and minimal disruption to the field. Very happy customer!
    Cheryl Cessford - Kingston Property Services
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Experienced Team

Our highly qualified installation and servicing team have over 20 years' experience, meaning you can trust us to deliver excellent service from supply and installation to ongoing servicing.

Klargester Accredited

RA Dalton is a recognised and leading UK installer of Klargester sewage treatments systems - we pride ourselves on being Klargester accredited.

Friendly Aftercare

The dedicated team at RA Dalton will provide you with a friendly & knowledgeable aftercare service, from telephone support to warranty issues

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